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At long last, I have joined the blogosphere. I have vehemently avoided doing so until now, determined to evade the inherent responsibility and pressure. You must blog constantly and be fascinating all the time, I thought. But recently, as I was working with a client on her soon-to-be-published website and companion blog, I realized you can have a blog and post to it only when you feel like doing so: weekly, monthly, even yearly. No promises are required, I realized. I don’t have to be fascinating all the time — though it does give me the opportunity to be fascinating … sometimes, I hope. As wiser folks than I have said: “You gotta be in it to win it.” And as my sweet husband told me one year as we were watching the Academy Awards, and I was saying (whining) that I really, really wanted to win an award and give an acceptance speech: “But, honey, you weren’t in anything this year.”

Well, I’m in it.

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  • Congratulations, Lauren, and I am delighted to be your first commenter!

  • Welcome to the blogosphere, Lauren. Or, bloglandia, depending on your preferences 🙂 I’ll enjoy reading what you have to say, even if I don’t pay you to write it – LOL

  • Congrats Lauren! You’re in it now, and I’m sure you’ll win something that will require a blubbery acceptance speech and a great dress. I can’t wait.

  • You like 70’s music?! I’ve learned something already…! This is yet another one of those things on our to-do list for the gallery, so I look forward to seeing (or reading, I guess) what you do end up writing about…all puppies all the time?! Best, Jen

  • Yipee!! I’m a very happy gal as I have missed your commentary on the world as printed in the the GGU magazine in your Editor’s Notes. This will be a wonderful way to keep in touch with Lauren’s World

  • Lauren — Welcome to blogland. You will find it’s fun! Thanks for the tip on pr position, but I’m holding out against fulltime work for right now. (Remind me I said this when I start whining about being hungry…) I love the design. It prompts me to work on my own, which, of course, I’m having “technical difficulties” with.

  • well done! how refreshing to have a few tips on such a basic
    topic. Best of luck with the blog.

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